The Government of Ghana (GoG), through the Ministry of Education, intends to establish an entirely new University at Trom-Somanya in the Yilo Krobo Municipality in the Eastern Region with the view to improving equitable access to tertiary education in Ghana. Given that there are universities in the other regions of the country, the University of Environment and Sustainable Development (UESD) will specialize in the conduct of research and knowledge dissemination in the sciences, agro-business and the built environment.

This new university will offer general and specialized programs to fill the gaps and ensure well rounded training for environmental and sustainable development professionals in Ghana. These include degree programs and research in climate change, water resources development, energy sustainability, energy economics and policy, urban architecture, natural resources and environmental economics, environmental policy and environmental science. The project involves the development of complete infrastructure to support the functions of the university.


Basic infrastructure such as academic buildings, residential facilities for students, staff accommodation, recreational facilities and related infrastructure required for academic activities will be constructed. In order to achieve the overall goal of sustainable development, technologies such as biogas generation, rainwater harvesting, green and solar paneled roofs, and other energy efficient building systems will be considered in the deployment of infrastructure.