Contracta Engenharia Ltda.
Contracta Engenharia Ltda.

CONTRACTA is an engineering company with two main core businesses: Engineering & Construction and Real Estate. For the last 16 years, CONTRACTA has been providing civil construction solutions for the private sector as well as for Federal, State and Municipal governments. Through its Engineering & Construction department, all sort of complex works have been executed, including successful projects like urban design upgrades, sanitation and public housing program, airport and port facilities, rail and road overpasses, train and subway stations, dams and penitentiaries, among others.
The Real Estate department has been developing modern residential and commercial buildings and multiuse complexes.

In 2012, CONTRACTA set up operations in Africa through its branch in Ghana. Acting as engineering and financial solution provider, Contracta prospects businesses in the whole continent. The first awarded contract was in Ghana for the construction of the Air Force Hangar, successfully executed. Currently CONTRACTA is executing the Redevelopment of the Kumasi Central Market, also in Ghana, which will be the second largest market in Africa.
Contracta provided a complete technical and financial solution for the project. The first phase of Kumasi Central Market shall be completed by March 2017, currently with more than 600 Ghanaian employees on the site.

For more information, access the site http://www.contracta.com.br/